taxi in rehovot

When visiting Israel, you should consider pre booking your transportation, from Ben Gurion Airport you can choose your public transportation: a train or a Taxi.

A train as its benefit specifically cost wise but if you value your time a taxi is the way to go.

At Ben Gurion Airport you may encounter in the welcome hall drivers trying to give you a lucrative offer , beware those drivers are illegal and you might fined your self  paying much more then you should of not worst.

Israel regulate the public transportation to make sure you will get the best service possible, at Ben Gurion Airport you have two options to get a safe taxi ride:

1. Go to the Airport Taxi station on the 3rd floor and wait on the busy sidewalk to your turn.

2. Pre order your Taxi and meet your private driver.

For your best experience I recommend you to pre order your Taxi the benefits are vast here are few of them:

• No waiting time, your driver will be waiting for you as you land

• Pre determine the taxi fair

• Can pay both in cash or credit card

• The driver already know your destination

• You can contact your driver even before arriving to Israel.

• The best possible service to your loves one and employees

So next time you plan to come to Israel consider calling us Taxi In Rehovot at +97289120120

Taxis in Israel are very common and popular forms of transportation. Cheap by European standards, taxis in Israel are widely available and are generally safe and modern cars, with helpful drivers. Within cities, drivers must use the meter (moneh) unless they agree a fixed fare with the passenger, whilst inter-city, taxis have fixed fares.

Taxis in Israel

There are surcharges for calling a taxi (5 NIS approx), for luggage (4.6 NIS a piece approx) and for hailing a taxi at Ben Gurion airport (5 NIS approx). Night rates have a 25% surcharge, and there is a starting fare of NIS 11 in cities. There is often an additional surcharge for taxis taken on Friday and Saturday during Shabbat.

It is best to agree on a price with the driver at the start of the journey and if in doubt to insist that the meter is used (they have to do this legally, however, will often try to persuade you not to). When riding with taxis in Israel, it is not customary to tip the driver. Prices are set accordingly and a tip is not expected or necessary towards the driver.

It is also convenient to get a taxi to and from Ben Gurion Airport. Here there are fixed fares and a dispatcher who organizes the process. Travelers may also be interested in using a private car or shuttle service from Ben Gurion.

להזמנת מוניות ברחובות טלפון 08-9-120-120

מוניות ברחובות טלפון 08-9-120-120 מספר טלפון שקל לזכור אותו, התקשרו אלינו הזמנת מונית ברחובות ונשמח לתת לכם שרות מהיר ויעיל לשרות מוניות בעיר ולכל רחבי הארץ, שרות מוניות ספיישל רחובות לפרטיים, עסקיים, חברות ומוסדות.

ניתן לראות באתר שלנו מחיר משוער לנסיעה במונית מרחובות לכל יעד בישראל לפי מונה.